E-Learning, story based learning, simulations, senario based learning, LMS services, website development, Curriculum design, Competency models, Video. We offer a full suite of solutions, all of which are planned, designed, and developed in-house. We design and develop to meet your needs, whether you want to increase sales, educate customers on products, train your staff on processes, or stay in compliance. Whatever your need may be, we find you the right learning solution by involving you every step of the way.

Elearning Services

Maruti Soft consists of team of experts in Instructional Designing, Graphic designing and providing technology support for course development as per client requirement.

Maruti Soft ready to meet consumer-driven & tailor made courses in creating Interactive and engaging content. We can develop eLearning content quickly and cost effectively with in your budgets and minimum turnaround time.

To get start our relationship we will be waiting for your enquiry and ready to fulfil your requirements.