About Us

Maruti Soft is an organization defined by service and proficiency, collaboration and communication. We labor to accomplish good things for our associates, the organizations we serve, and the world around us. Over the years, we have attracted and maintained an exceptional team and consistently delivered effective solutions to support highly successful organizations. Despite remarkable accomplishments, our human society confronts significant challenges. Business enterprises have an undeniable ability and responsibility to positively shape the world. At the core of our culture and what motivates us every day is the knowledge that we possess and the tools and expertise to continually make a positive impact on society’s challenges. We are pleased with all that we have accomplished in collaboration with our client partners. From helping employees to enhance their lives by improving their work skills, to supporting corporate sustainability initiatives, we care about our work and the lives we touch.

Our success is attributed to the steadfast attitude and the extent of competencies we offer, as represented on this site: an exclusive blend of instructional design, content management, project management, multimedia and graphic design. With a robust profile, Maruti Soft has been sought after, in the field of consultative services and custom content development.

Repeated contracts from our clients is proof enough that what we deliver cannot be emulated by other vendors. ELearning is the most thriving and growing industry. It is our endeavor to keep our staff abreast with the latest tools and technology of this industry. We, at Maruti Soft , help our clients meet new and exciting challenges as they drive their associates and organizations toward greater success.


We are one of the custom service providers, with a blend of technical and subject matter expertise that caters to the needs of our clients.It is our conviction that quality and personalized service are pre-requisites for our business and we value them in all our client interactions.We aim to improve our clients’ learning experience through customized e-learning solutions.

Our services portfolio includes:
1. Custom Courseware Development
2. Rapid e-learning tools
3. Translations and localizations
4. Learning Management System Integration

Our clients range from boutique and start up firms to global corporations that have shown confidence in our ability to serve them. Our clients are drawn from diverse fields with varied needs, and we thank each one of them for their association with us.

Our Vision: We persist in developing a team that is brewed with our values of compassion and steadfastness. With this team, we will contribute in making the world a better place whilst nurturing an outstanding business.

Our Mission: We strive to help our client prosper and be successful by making use of our tools and talents. We esteem the role we play to improve operation, facilitate transformation, and aid in the progress of mankind. It is our constant endeavor to develop cost-effective solutions to our client needs by adopting a holistic methodology initiating from analysis, design, development and finally implementation. We empower our staff in achieving the organization goals by providing relevant training and nurturing a culture of innovation. Finally, it is our compassion, steadfastness, and promotion of noble ideas that positively impact our work, our team, and our clients.

To experience our services and achievements, please visit our showcase or view one of our sample deliverables.

Company History

Maruti Soft infosolutions company was established in 20014 by enterprising professionals with rich experience gained in the eLearning services industry, we intend to be in the space of custom eLearning to cater to the growing demand of the industry to impart knowledge and skills to its human resources.

Since our inception, we have grown not only in size but also in our ability to serve clients with our diverse service portfolio that includes Custom eLearning Development, Translation & Localization, Simulations, Rapid eLearning Tools, Mobile Learning and LMS Integration.

Today, we have clients drawn from USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Germany and India representing various industrial verticals.

Our core competencies include:

Flexibility to adapt to each client environment and create solutions that aligns with their business context
End-to-end solution provider by assisting our clients from determining training scope to content design to visual enhancements and translation
Error free, quality products delivered on time, while adhering to all quality standards of our clients